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Increasing Your Dealership's Leads with Classifieds and Digital Advertising Outlets

Communicate with in market shoppers and sell more cars by advertising your inventory on Craigslist, YouTube and Facebook. AutoSweet’s ``set it and forget it`` marketing makes it easy to prioritize placing your best inventory in the best markets with adaptive changes to your ads as your inventory changes. You manage the leads, we'll manage the rest.

Craigslist Auto Posting

Craigslist Posting is a Proven Method for Increasing Leads

  • Craigslist sees millions of shoppers every day, they start their search on this site.
  • Each Craigslist site is local. Post to yourtown.craigslist.org and focus on your community.
  • This is a low-cost marketplace to share your inventory and increase leads.
  • All posts are text rich, searchable and dynamic to increase visibility.
  • Not only leads, Craigslist can build your brand and increase your website visitors.

Craigslist Auto Posting

Facebook Ads Boost Traffic to Your Website

  • Facebook has over 2 billion active users every month across the globe.
  • We make managing Facebook ads simple and effective, with inventory specific ads.
  • Retargeting shows a vehicle someone saw on your website to them again on Facebook.
  • Build an Audience allows you to use Polk Data to find local, in market shoppers for your ads
  • We will help build your social media audience and drive thousands of impressions and clicks.


YouTube Provides an Additional Outlet for Your Inventory

  • We will create a YouTube video for every vehicle in stock and post to your channel.
  • YouTube can provide extra Google SEO and a sharp marketing tool for you to manage leads.


Easy to Use and Comprehensive Reporting

  • Leads will be delivered to your CRM as well as your sales team via text, phone, and email.
  • Proactive client team and 24-hour technical support for every account.
  • Google Analytics will measure your website traffic and report in our dashboard.
  • Pricing analytics will compare your prices to the same vehicles in our nationwide database.
  • Calls are recorded, text conversations completely logged, measure everything in one place.

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You understand that millions of buyers are looking to buy vehicles on classified and social media sites like Craigslist and Facebook. You can reach them if you take one simple step and contact AutoSweet to let us work with you to get results.

Our process is simple. The ROI is clear. AutoSweet can help you do it right. Leads, traffic, and sales are a phone call away.

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