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First Party Data

AutoSweet doesn’t have to rely on third party data (which Facebook will soon be disabling).  We are experts at connecting to your DMS and getting the most powerful data available: yours.

Conquest Audience

AutoSweet will use your DMS to build a customer profile and filter Facebook’s shopper data to create a look-alike of your current client base. They will look exactly like your customer base. After delivering ads for new vehicle specials or specific inventory, we even match those back to purchases, providing you real ROI reporting.

Loyalty Audience

AutoSweet will mine your client base for you, finding your customers with equity or those in need of service. Each month, we will report on the success of these campaigns by telling you how many people saw an ad and then did business with your store.

Retargeting Audience

AutoSweet will identify every shopper visiting a VDP on your website using our ASPixel and deliver ads featuring that same or similar vehicles, re-affirming your brand and inventory to an already engaged audience.

Certified DMS Integration

Autoweet is the only company offering Facebook Marketing services that is certified with all major DMS providers. You can be confident that we’ll quickly and securely get your data from Reynolds & Reynolds, CDK and many others.

Transparent ROI Reporting

AutoSweet allows you to see exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing. By combining our existing analytics and reporting tools with Facebook’s offline conversion reports, you’ll be able to see how much money was actually spent at your dealership by Facebook users that clicked your ads.

Facebook Ad Types

Facebook VIN Specific Ads

VIN Specific

An ad for a specific piece of inventory that is actually on your lot.
Manufacturer Specials

Manufacturer Specials

Highlights specials that a manufacturer is running for a specific year, make, and model.
Facebook Service Specials

Service Specials

Shows specials that the service bay is offering.
Facebook Schedule Service

Schedule Service

Allows customers to schedule service appointments from Facebook.