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Increase Your Dealership's Profit Through Powerful Automation

There is increasing pressure to maximize the value of vehicle data for increasing leads and sales, while minimizing the manual resources required to support it. AutoSweet’s SweetInventory helps you accomplish complex inventory management tasks with just a few clicks. Less time spent means fewer people. Fewer people means less overhead, and higher profits. Escape the grind of repetitive tasks and supercharge your efforts with our easy-to-use interface and tools.


Inventory Management Tools

Collect your data, manage it and publish it with tools including:

  • Market Pricing: AutoSweet’s proprietary pricing guide. See your pricing relative to the market.
  • Book Pricing: Pricing guides from NADA and Black Book.
  • VIN Decode: Automatically adds more accurate and detailed information for each vehicle.
  • Window Stickers: Improve the appearance of vehicles on your lot, and give buyers high level vehicle information at a glance.
  • Buyers Guides: AutoSweet works with state dealer associations to ensure your buyers guides are compliant.
  • Image Overlays: Brand your inventory photos your dealer logo on images.
  • Add On Photos:  Add coupons, or personal photos for every published inventory item.


Collecting and Enriching Your Data Made Easy

With certification and expertise in most dealer systems, collecting data with AutoSweet is easy.

  • Certified DMS Polling from Reynolds and Reynolds™, CDK Global™, PBS, AutoMate and much more.  Trusted integration with your private data
  • Enrich Data with our VIN decode software which provides unequaled accuracy matched with manufacturer specific options, colors, and packages creating the most faithful snapshot of your vehicles
  • Smart Photos fill gaps in your vehicle photos automatically with stock images that are color matched


Managing Data Made Easy with Integrated Smart Tools

We bring together a suite of tools to help manage your inventory with insight and automation.

  • Changes made in one place: automatically published to many places (reducing the number of steps and logins)
  • Bulk upload photos or make changes for only one vehicle
  • Reporting that shows you how you are doing with inventory marketing, such as inventory without photos, age on lot, and pricing vs. others
  • Intuitive interface for managing changes to inventory, for example, if you see a high age on lot vehicle you can change the price to move the vehicle


Publishing Your Data

Whether it is marketing on your lot with window stickers or marketing on a web page or advertising site, AutoSweet makes it easy to get your inventory out there where it can be seen.

  • Unlimited data publishing to 3rd party sources including AutoTrader, Cars.com, AutoByTel, local newspapers, dealer websites, Google, eBay, and dozens of free publishing sites like AOL Autos, MSN Autos, Yahoo, EveryCarListed, LemonFree, JustGoodCars, and Vast
  • Window Stickers you can print with your own custom designed, high-quality details and QR codes to market vehicles when you’re not with the customer
  • Far-Reaching Inventory Portal can be included in your website, your Facebook page, or mobile site. Change prices, add options or photos and have it reflected immediately in all places.  For example, one click to publish to GM Smart Auction and Craigslist

Get Your Inventory Under Control

Managing your inventory is critical to the success of your dealership. Knowing which vehicles need photos, pricing your vehicles competitively, and then exporting them to the digital marketplace will determine your level of success.

AutoSweet has provided inventory management solutions to car dealers for years. We have a single tool that can do all of this for you, while printing window stickers and buyers’ guides and even merchandising your vehicles digitally with graphics and branding.

Fill out the following form, and we’ll show you how this tool can help you gain control of your inventory and market it in the most effective way possible.

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