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Professional and Reliable Dealership Lot Service

Our staff comes to your lot and inventories your vehicles to give your dealership extra help in making strong impressions for on-lot and digital customers. We place high quality window stickers, addendums and Buyers Guides on your vehicles to better market them on your lot and take professional photos and videos to market your cars and trucks on your website and other marketing and advertising sites.

On Lot Services

Physical Inventory Help You Can Use on Your Lot

AutoSweet provides highly trained staff, powerful inventory tools, and quality control processes to help market your inventory. It’s an extra set of hands that come to your lot with professionalism, quality tools, and reliability to help enrich your physical and digital marketing.

On Lot Services

Inventory Photos Taken, Enhanced, Uploaded

Every vehicle that arrives on your lot needs to be photographed to show up on your web pages and digital marketing sites. Let AutoSweet take the photos for you. We can add details like custom overlays and walk around videos. We can enhance your inventory with VIN decoding, and stock photos and are certified with Reynolds and Reynolds™ and CDK Global™ to integrate with your DMS.
On Lot Services

Window Stickers, QR Codes, CarFax Integration, Warranty

Use AutoSweet tools to print custom window stickers, QR codes for vehicles linked to microsites, and warranties that are custom or “as is.”

On Lot Services

Real Time Uploads From Your Lot

Your AutoSweet team members get your inventory to market faster and load it to our distribution servers before leaving your lot.

Get More Out of Your Lot Services

Whether it’s inventory photos, window stickers, QR Codes or CarFax integration, professional lot services will give your dealership extra help in making strong impressions both on the lot and on the internet.

AutoSweet has performed lot services for some of the nations largest dealership groups. Our agents ensure the first steps get taken so vehicles on your lot are ready to sell across the web. Fill out the following form, and one of our representatives will show you how SweetPix can help you increase car sales.

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