A Typical SweetMarketing campaign

AutoSweet’s email marketing campaigns are designed to get new customers in the door. They drive traffic to your website and help grow your marketing database by creating prospects and leads. If you are a franchise dealership, our campaigns re-enforce your manufacturer’s marketing message so that you benefit from the TV, radio and newspaper messages that are already being produced, seen and considered by your local buyers. By re-enforcing your manufacturer’s marketing message and localizing it to your dealership you elevate your brand in a consumer’s mind whenever they hear the manufacturer’s message.
  • 90 day time-frame
  • 6 unique emails per campaign
  • 100,000 prospects
  • 10% open rate avg
  • 60,000 eyeballs on your message
  • 2% conversion rate avg
  • 12,000 clicks to your website
  • Avg 70 cars sold
  • New Customer Acquisition for pre-owned and new vehicle sales
  • Service revenue from new customers in your market
  • Marked increase in financing applications