Your processes just became faster, easier, and more complete. Load your inventory into SweetInventory by either polling your DMS or entering a VIN directly. Our VINDecode will create all the details, using OEM specific colors and options and our proprietary SmartComments™ will generate your paragraph style descriptions so your inventory is truly ready to go to market digitally.

Price your vehicles using market based pricing to make you more competitive. Unlimited exports to third parties allow you to send your inventory into the market. SweetInventory will then send your inventory to your new SweetSite website. Your website will be top-tier, with SEO optimization, loaded with content, lightning fast, and truly responsive for all devices.

With SweetClassifieds, we will be creating search optimized Craigslist Ads and publishing daily, giving your inventory the best visibility while generating leads, branding, and website traffic. When we send that traffic to your VDP’s and finance applications, they are re-targeted with our Facebook Pixel so we can market the same and similar vehicles to those shoppers on social media.