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traffic, and sales.

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Maximizing automotive dealers' profits through increased leads, traffic, and sales is what AutoSweet is passionate about. Partner with us today. We'll prove the results!



Automated Classified and Digital Advertising and Reporting

Increase leads and drive traffic from sites like Craigslist, Facebook, and YouTube with our industry-leading, automated advertising tool. We send traffic to YOUR website!

Increase Leads
Email Marketing


Email Marketing Increases Website Traffic and Sales

Use cost effective email to reach out and sell to customers. Drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website, extend your brand, and see customer acquisition costs far lower than direct mail.

Increase Traffic


Takes Control of Your Online Reputation

Influence your next buyer with our automated and easy to use reputation management suite and take charge of your social presence.

  • Avoid Negative Reviews
  • Drive Positive Reviews
  • Build Your Online Story

Manage Your Reputation


Provides a Designer Website at a Value Price

Independent dealers compete like franchise dealers with our responsive, SEO optimized websites. Increase website traffic without breaking the bank.

Market Like a Pro


Inventory Management Made Simple

Market and manage inventory in a simple-to-use app that helps you collect, manage, and publish your inventory to every marketing channel you work with. It’s simple to use and the most cost-effective publishing platform available.

Get Your Inventory Under Control


Professional Lot Services

We come to your lot, take professional inventory photos, and put high-quality window stickers and buyers guides on so you can competitively market your inventory. We can help you increase sales while spending less time, which means an increased profit!

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At AutoSweet we love to have fun and helping customers is our passion.

Our mission is to maximize automotive dealers’ profits through outstanding service and effective, easy-to-use inventory marketing solutions.

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Why We're Different

AutoSweet is different because we focus on being easy to use, easy to work with, and getting dealers results.


Easy to Use

Staying ahead and taking maximum advantage of technology to sell cars isn’t always easy, but it is vital for every dealer who wants to remain competitive. AutoSweet’s products and services make it easy to find insights to make decisions and get the most value out of the latest advances and developments in selling vehicles.


Easy to Work With

We work closely with our dealers to market inventory, analyze results, and continue to increase effectiveness with what we learn together. We have a dedicated, professional team called “Customer Success” and their focus is on you.



Using Google Analytics and your DMS, our Customer Success team and transparent reporting shows dealers results from their email marketing, classified ad posts, website presence, social presence, online reputation, and digital merchandising to continually optimize for SweetResults™.

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