About AutoSweet

AutoSweet is a Founder-led Digital Marketing and Advertising Firm Based in Columbus, Ohio

AutoSweet is a founder-led digital marketing and advertising firm based in Columbus, Ohio, that helps car dealerships nationwide drive quality website traffic, convert leads, and match back offline sales from their online advertising. Simply put, we help our clients sell more cars. 


AutoSweet’s primary focus includes Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google dynamic inventory search ads, Google display advertising, dealer websites, automotive email marketing, used vehicle classified advertising, and reputation management. 


Clients have 24/7 access to our proprietary dashboard and software that keeps them one step ahead of the competition. 


Our Purpose: 

Our goal is to grow our business with people we enjoy, solving problems with technology and improving our lives year after year. We do all of that by building a scalable platform and delivering services that provide results-based marketing solutions for automotive dealers and agencies of all sizes.


What Makes AutoSweet Unique: 

  1. Transparency: Our reporting shows your success  
  2. Easy to work with: Our people are dedicated, available, and responsive 
  3. Proprietary Platform: Built and continually improved in-house

Our Values

  • Team-Oriented & Social 
  • Honest, Inquisitive & Open to Change
  • Passionate, Caring & Responsible

Our Story 

Founded in 2002, AutoSweet offers services including e-mail marketing, Inventory Marketing, Classified Advertising, Reputation Management, Websites, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Advertising, Dealership Advertising, and Online Marketing. 



Our Inventory Marketing service is designed for independent dealerships or franchise dealerships to help you drive high-quality website traffic from a variety of platforms. We drive more traffic for less with Dynamic Search Ads on Google. AutoSweet also uses Facebook and Instagram to capture in-market shoppers and sends them to your website.


About Our Founder

Chris Lentz founded AutoSweet in 2002 after 20 years in automotive marketing. When Chris isn’t helping clients get more leads, he can be found on his sailboat, cruising the Great Lakes.