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Sell more cars to new customers with conquest email marketing and create lifelong customers for your dealership with loyalty campaigns.

Plus, AutoSweet’s certified DMS connection measures authenticated offline sales so you can measure email ROI accurately.

Conquest Email

Loyalty Email

Omnichannel Strategy

Measure ROI

Grow New Customer Sales with Conquest Email Marketing

AutoSweet will build a custom audience of recipients that have the same attributes and interest as your dealership’s past buyers, authenticated by your DMS. 

Consumers can jump into the market for a vehicle at any point in time, so introduce your brand and keep it top of mind throughout the buying process.

Tablet and Phone Conquest Email Example AutoSweet
AutoSweet Conquest Email Trio

Intentional Repeat Business with Loyalty Email Marketing

  • Build loyalty for life by targeting past car buyers with our loyalty email programs
  • Ideal for franchise dealerships, strategies like buyback, service and referral programs 
  • Fantastic way to keep your dealership ahead of the market after the first purchase

Omnichannel Marketing Keeps Your Vehicles Top-of-Mind

Target consumers who clicked an email link to visit your website VDPs  and keep your vehicles top-of-mind with VIN-specific dynamic display retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Omnichannel Marketing Facebook and Instagram Retargeting
Email Dashboard Matchback AutoSweet

Check Return on Marketing Spend with AutoSweet's Transparent Dashboard

We not only measure email sends, opens and clicks but with our certified DMS connection we can measure authenticated, offline sales.

Take a look under the hood of your online marketing to view who opened, clicked, and purchased anytime, 24/7 with our transparent dashboard.

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