Facebook Ads for
Car Dealers

Generate quality website traffic and low-funnel leads  on Facebook and Instagram with AutoSweet’s proven strategy for dealerships.

Drive Quality Website Traffic

Convert Traffic to Low-Funnel Leads

Verify Offline Sales from Online Advertising​

On-Facebook Destination Ads

Selling cars to the world’s largest audience just got easier with On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads from AutoSweet on Facebook Marketplace

  • Advertise on competitors listings
  • Strategically retarget those that have viewed your Marketplace VDPs
  • Promote vehicles within the category feed, search results, and more 
  • The only way to advertise new vehicles inside Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Ad Plus Marketplace AutoSweet Example
Facebook Local Campaigns Example

Stand Out from the Competition

Showcase what sets your dealership apart

  • Tell shoppers why they should buy from you by running interactive ads in multiple formats
  • Leverage the power of your DMS and have AutoSweet create a lookalike audience of your past buyers. This gets extremely granular, including things like: age, gender, language, interests, location and more
  • Let the Facebook experts at AutoSweet strategize by driving awareness and casting a wide net with a controlled frequency to help you sell more vehicles

Capture Buyers Actively Searching for Cars in Your Area

Be thought of first when someone is ready to buy

  • We use the power of Facebook’s machine learning to capture in-market shoppers actively researching online
  • AutoSweet tells Facebook to target 94 different data points to make sure we’re serving ads to those most likely to make a purchase
  • We’ll showcase inventory from your catalog most relevant to the consumer and keep your vehicles top of mind by bringing your most interested shoppers back to the VDP with VIN specific retargeting
  • This includes moving across platform, between Facebook and Instagram and targeting the shopper across their devices
Omnichannel Marketing Facebook and Instagram Retargeting
Facebook Loyalty Campaign Example
RCI AutoSweet Badge
AutoSweet CDK Approved Interface Badge

Build Loyalty For Life After The First Purchase

Target your previous customers with special campaigns

  • AutoSweet works directly with your past sales and service customers to build loyalty
  • Being RCI and CDK Certified, we tie directly into your DMS to gather an authenticated data file that matches your customers to profiles on Facebook
  • Bring previous consumers back to the dealership for service, customer only specials or when it’s time to trade-in 

Promote On-Site Events

Create Old School Tent Pole Buzz, With New School Strategy

  • Let AutoSweet help build and create on-site events and promotions for your dealership
  • We’ll boost the event to drive in-person traffic, by targeting a data driven new audience, along with previous customers from your authenticated DMS data file
Facebook Ad Auto Dealership On-Site Event

Why Choose AutoSweet for Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns?


AutoSweet is certified with all major DMS providers, such as CDK Global, PBS, AutoSoft, Frazer, and DealerCenter.

AutoSweet has completed the certification process in the Reynolds Certified Interface (RCI) Program. We’re able to seamlessly and securely use your first-party data to your advantage.

Custom Audiences

Whether it’s building a custom lookalike audience or mining data to create loyalty with past customers, AutoSweet makes sure that the right ads are showing to the audience most likely to convert for that campaign.

Stop Losing Leads

We identify and track website VDP visits and more. We’ll keep you top of mind across platform and device with VIN specific retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Measure ROI

We not only measure things like ad impressions and clicks but with our certified DMS integration, we’re able to measure offline attribution within a real-time, 28-day window.

This gives you the ability things like how much money was spent at your dealership on things like vehicle sales and repair orders.

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