Google Ads for Car Dealerships

Own the top of the page and be seen for quality searches with Dynamic Search Ads on Google to Vehicle Description Pages (VDPs)

Why Google Ads?

  • Be seen first when someone is searching
  • Drive high quality, low funnel website traffic
  • Custom inventory ads cost less
  • Stand out, run Dynamic Price Reduction Ads
  • Be thought of first with Dealer Branded Retargeting Ads
  • 24/7 custom dashboard reporting
Google Tablet and Phone-Search Example Auto Campaign
Google Ads Search Example

Be Seen First on Google Searches

Drive high-quality traffic from in-market shoppers to your website

High-Quality, Low-Funnel Website Traffic

Target searchers that are ready-to-buy

Show Up on Google for Vehicles In Your Inventory

With Google Dynamic Search Ads, ads to vehicles in your inventory will automatically be created

Drive Traffic to Vehicle Description Pages (VDP)

Take searchers to the information they care about and convert more web traffic to leads

Advertise Your Price Reductions Automatically

Take Google Ads to the next level with our exclusive Dynamic Price Reduction Ads​

Outperform the Competition

Improve clickthrough rates by enticing more searchers to click with price reduction ads

Easy Setup

AutoSweet is certified with all major DMS providers so that we can seamlessly and securely use your first-party data to customize your ads better than the competition

Dynamic Price Reduction Google Search Car Dealership
Tablet Display Example from Google

Retarget and Stay Top of Mind with Automotive Display Ads

Take advantage of the Google Display Network and show ads to past site visitors on the sites they visit everyday

Advertise Across the Most Popular Sites on the Internet

Reach customers on the websites they visit every single day, across two billion websites (i.e.

Improve Branding for Your Dealership

Incorporate your dealership name and logo into high-quality image ads to improve brand recall

Why Choose AutoSweet for Your Google Ads Campaigns?

Higher Quality Traffic

  • Uses your inventory to dynamically build ads that match the searcher’s intent
  • Drive traffic directly to your website’s VDPs cutting down on irrelevant clicks

Custom Audiences

  • Re-engage your most interested customers with Dealer Branded Retargeting Ads
  • Use Smart Campaigns to pull assets directly from your website to serve back to the shopper

Stop Losing Leads

  • AutoSweet makes performance data available in real-time through our proprietary dashboard
  • Identify how much marketing money was spent on things like vehicle sales and repair orders

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