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Increase Website Traffic with Targeted Email Marketing

Buyers are using email all day long and for 45% of people it’s their most frequently used channel for personal written communications -- you need to get your messages where those buyers are.

Email Marketing


Build your brand with targeted prospects that don’t know you.

  • Conquest email gets your brand in front of them.
  • With our opt-in affiliate database and our certified DMS expertise, we analyze and target the best prospects for your brand.
  • Our agency quality design team works with you to build creative that increases traffic to your website.
  • We help you with manufacturer co-op programs.
  • Results are verified by your DMS and Google Analytics



Grow revenue with your existing customers.

  • They already know you; don’t let them become a conquest opportunity for your competitors.
  • Build a regular communication channel with your customers by sending monthly sales & service specials.
  • Keep your customers up to date with the latest lease specials so that they can reach you when they are ready to buy.
  • Email marketing is an inexpensive way to keep your brand relevant to your customers.
  • Our DMS and Google expertise give you the assurance that your efforts are working.

Email Marketing


Want to increase sales over a 45 day period?

  • Market to a massive audience leading up to your event.
  • Better than direct mail alone because we focus on your audience and then we hit them from every angle:
    • Email
    • Social
    • Direct Mail
  • Measure the success through your DMS and Google Analytics.

Email Marketing

ROI from your DMS

AutoSweet is a nationally trusted and certified DMS integration partner with certifications from Reynolds and Reynolds and CDK Global.

  • Poll your service and sales transactions directly from your DMS daily so you can track campaign performance anytime and make mid-campaign tweaks. Don’t wait 30 or 90 days to find out how sales are performing.
  • Match sales to your customer marketing list daily and identify if these transactions are from new or existing customers.
  • The ROI comes from DMS data compared to campaign data.

CDK Approved Vendor
Reynolds and Reynolds

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Buyers who may not know your dealership or brand are looking for cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles and you can reach them if you contact AutoSweet to help.

Our process is simple. The ROI is clear. Let AutoSweet show you how conquest email campaigns can work for your dealership.

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