Avoid Negative Reviews and Improve Dealership CSI Scores

Anyone can leave a review online and nearly everyone reads them. Reviews can be the first and most important tool a consumer uses to judge your business. AutoSweet can help you intercept negative reviews before they're even written and encourage positive reviews from customers. Start influencing your online reputation before it starts influencing your business.


Avoid Negative Reviews by Intercepting Unsatisfied Customers

Find out about unsatisfied customers before they post negative reviews online. This gives you the chance to correct or rescue an impression. It also gives you insight into things that may not be going smoothly in your dealership.


Positive Reviews Drive Leads

Just like negative reviews can harm sales, positive reviews can help.  Online consumers look at review sites like Yahoo, Google+, DealerRater, and cars.com before they buy from you. SweetReviews helps build your positive story. We automatically send emails to your sales and service customers to make leaving positive reviews easy for them without you having to awkwardly ask them while they’re at the dealership.  


Improve CSI Scores

A Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Score can make or break a dealership. Some automotive manufacturers actually use CSI scores as a metric when determining the number of units they send to you on a monthly basis. We get you in front of your customers and gauge their satisfaction before the manufacturer survey, allowing you to intercept issues before they can damage your business.


DMS Integration

You’ve entered your customers into one system, why spend time entering their names into another system for follow up? AutoSweet is certified with Reynolds and Reynolds™ and CDK Global™ and that integration makes it less work for you. Our decades of experience mean that you’re working with a trusted partner who values the security of your data.

Reputation Management

  • DIY reputation management
  • Respond to reviews from one interface
  • Response templates
  • Website widget to include reviews on your website
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monthly reports
  • $25 setup fee


  • Everything in Reputation Management
  • Certified integration to your Reynolds and CDK DMS
  • Automated post transaction emails for Service and Sales
  • Intercept negative reviews
  • Improve dealership processes
  • Grow your positive review base organically
  • Track and report your customer satisfaction
  • Improve your CSI Scores
  • $300 setup fee

Take Control of Your Reputation

Your online reputation impacts every part of your business. Shoppers visit review sites with regularity, service customers even more. Manufacturers use CSI scores to determine your inventory and how successful you can be. Don’t leave all that to chance.

AutoSweet’s platform allows you to manage every aspect of your digital presence: improving CSI scores while helping you avoid negative reviews. Fill out the following form, and one of our representatives can show you how SweetReviews helps you make sure your reputation is working for you, not against you.

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